f Yacht Ningaloo: 2016


Baltic States and Stockholm archipelago.

Stating with exploration of Rugen then on to Poland with a crew change at Kołobrzeg. Continued coast-hopping along the Polish coast to Gdansk where we were held up by bad weather.

Our leg to Klaipėda, Lithuania required us to skirt around the Russian waters off Kaliningrad. Clearly we didn't keep far enough offshore as we were escorted by a Russian submarine and other naval vessel.

A delightful stop in Liepāja, Latvia before a strenuous night crossing in strong winds to Fårösund, Gotland. The next day gave us perfect light winds for the final leg to the Stockholm archipelago.

Another crew change in Stockholm and a week of light winds and sunshine, perfect for exploring the islands before moving down to Nyköping for another crew change.

Constant headwinds down the west and south coasts of Sweden gave the next crew some long days, but we persevered and kept sailing!

A week shuttling between Denmark and Sweden, enjoying the music at the Malmö festival

Final crew change in Copenhagen for our return to Greifswald for the winter.

1,761nm overall.