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Rightfile Ltd.

I work as a freelance computer consultant and developer offering computer services through my company, Rightfile Ltd. (established 1987). I have over 35 years of experience in the IT industry.
Working as an independent consultant , I am able to offer high quality services at costs much lower than larger software houses.

Lower costs

My costs are based on fixed daily rates which you will find much lower than larger software houses with higher overheads.  My quotes are always based on an estimate the effort involved rather than trying to price a project to what the client will pay.
Because I am confident in my ability to understand your needs and deliver on time and to budget, I am able to offer services at guaranteed fixed price rates.  You have the security of known costs without the risk of projects running over budget.

Higher quality

I treat the design and construction of software as a craft rather than a science.  I have the experience to understand and anticipate your business needs so that the software I deliver is right first time.
Working as an individual rather than with a large team, there is no danger of "Chinese whispers" between the client, analyst, designer and developer which can result in the software delivered not matching the initial requirements.
I have a pool of satisfied clients who can provide references if required.

Total solution

Where appropriate I can call on a network of similar professionals with skills in system integration, networks and security, however I will always take personal responsibility and control of all projects so you are never left to mediate between suppliers when issues arise.

If you need fixed price bespoke development or think I can enhance your team, please email me.

I use the ABCpdf.NET PDF component for rapid PDF report development.
This is a great tool for building PDF files from websites. I like the way that you can simply use an existing url to generate a report with only a couple of lines of code.