f Yacht Ningaloo: Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam, Holland

What a great start to the season! I have now been sailing for 4 weeks with almost unbroken high pressure systems generating favourable easterly winds for my trip from the Baltic to UK. Remarkably the only two days of westerly winds have occurred whilst we were in the Kiel canal under motor.

We arrived in Holland (Den Helder) almost a week ahead of schedule after a fast overnight sail from Norderney. We had so much spare time that we went back out from Den Helder for a day sail. We left the port with the last of the ebb tide and returned four hours later tacking into the fresh 18kt winds with a 3kt flood tide assisting us.

Now it is time for change and I have to say goodbye to Jon who is my most consistent crew, having sailing well over 2,000NM with me over the last 6 seasons. My new crew will have some (literally size 47) big shoes to fill!